Sedation/Anesthesia (Local, Moderate IV, Deep, General)

What is Sedation/Anesthesia?

Sedation is a necessity if you will be undergoing a complex surgery or procedure. We carefully administer sedation in our office and monitor you at all times. Anesthesia is typically safe for most patients, and we’ll review your medical history to determine the best choice for your needs. We offer several different types of sedatives to make your experience in our office easier and more comfortable.

Why would Sedation/Anesthesia be needed?

The reason you might need anesthesia is because you’re going to be having oral surgery done. Anesthesia is specifically designed to help minimize or eliminate pain. This can make the surgical process easier, both for the patient as well as our team of experts. Sedation is a safe option for most patients, so you can benefit from choosing it for your next appointment.

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What types of Sedation/Anesthesia are available?

We have several types of sedatives available in our office. Local anesthetic is administered via syringe and provides patients with a numb, relaxed feel so that they cannot feel pain while the procedure is being done. You are fully awake in the office and will be able to drive normally after the work is done. Moderate IV sedation involves placing an IV in the arm and administering a low dose of anesthetic. This puts you into a slightly awake but highly relaxed state where you may not remember most of the procedure. Both deep and general anesthesia is meant for major surgeries and is often administered in a hospital setting because you’ll require help with breathing as well as heart monitoring.

What can be expected during the Sedation/Anesthesia process?

Each type of sedative is different, so you can expect various levels of consciousness with each choice. For individuals coming in for minor surgeries, we may recommend either a local or moderate IV sedative. Both options help to make the procedure comfortable and relaxed so that it can be done in a timely manner. Deep and general sedation is better suited to our patients who need extensive surgery and will need to be closely monitored throughout the appointment. Likewise, if you have health problems and complications, we may recommend having most surgical procedures performed in a hospital setting.

If you would like to learn more about sedative options available in our office, call us today to speak with one of our helpful staff members.

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