What are Orthodontics?

Orthodontic treatment is critical for improving the overall look and feel of your smile. Whether you have severe overcrowding or just have some slight misalignment problems, we offer customized orthodontics to our patients. There is no age limit when it comes to receiving orthodontic care. Children, teens and even adults can all benefit from having treatment when coming into our office.

Why might Orthodontic treatment be needed?

There are two main problems that come from having a crooked and crowded smile. The first issue involves your self-esteem. You might not feel confident smiling because of the way that you look. The second issue involves oral hygiene, since it can be difficult to keep crowded and crooked teeth perfectly clean without professional help.

What Are Orthodontics
Why Might Orthodontic Treatment Be Needed

Who is a candidate for Orthodontic treatment?

Most patients who are unhappy with the shape of their smile can benefit from orthodontic treatment. Whether you have crooked, crowded, unevenly spaced or misaligned teeth, we have an orthodontic option for you. We will examine your smile and take x-rays to determine if this type of treatment is right for you. Regardless of your age, it’s never too late to consider coming in for care.

What happens during the Orthodontic process?

The orthodontic treatment process will begin with a thorough consultation. The consultation involves taking x-rays, impressions and performing an exam so that we can get to know you. We then fit you with the orthodontic appliances we feel would be most beneficial to your smile. You will need to come back into the office every few weeks in order for us to adjust wiring or make new clear aligners for you. This process will repeat throughout the entire course of your treatment. Orthodontic treatment can take anywhere from just a couple of months to about two or three years. This will depend on how severely crowded and crooked your teeth currently are before beginning the treatment.

If you would like to straighten your teeth with orthodontic treatment, call us today to speak with one of our trained and knowledgeable staff members.

Notice of Practice Transition

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