Oral Surgery For Teens

What is Oral Surgery For Teens?

Teenagers may often require oral surgery as a way to improve their oral and dental health. We understand that it can sometimes be scary and daunting for teens to undergo oral surgery. This is why we do everything that we possibly can to make the procedure as comfortable and relaxed as possible. We work with pediatric and teen patients regularly, so we are able to provide them the care that they need in a calm manner.

Why might Oral Surgery For Teens be needed?

There are many different types of oral surgeries that teens may benefit from having done. Whether they need their wisdom teeth removed or simple extractions, we are here to provide them the care that they need and deserve. We work with you, as their parent or guardian, to help make the surgical process as simple as possible. It is not uncommon for oral surgery to be needed in conjunction with a teen’s orthodontic care.

What Is Oral Surgery For Teens
Why Might Oral Surgery For Teens Be Needed

Who is a candidate for Oral Surgery For Teens?

Most teens are good candidates for oral surgery, when it is needed. We will always review their medical and health history to determine if they are healthy enough to undergo these procedures. We will take x-rays prior to any surgery to help in creating a special treatment plan. We take a personable approach to handling the care of our teenage patients.

What can you expect with Oral Surgery For Teens?

Oral surgery procedures for teens always begin with a consultation. We want to get to know your child and their own unique needs. We will examine their teeth, take x-rays and may take impressions of their teeth to help in the surgical process. We then have them come in for the actual procedure following the consultation. We offer a variety of sedative options that are designed to help your teenager relax during treatment. Sedation is safe, effective and is carefully monitored at all times while they are in the office. Your teen’s dental and oral health can benefit from advanced, personable oral surgery.

If you are a teenager or have a teenager who needs oral surgery, call us today to speak with one of our friendly staff members for more information.

Notice of Practice Transition

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