How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

A dental implant is specifically designed to replace one or more teeth within the mouth. Implants are ideal in that they help to correct smile problems without the need for constant repair or replacement. The implant itself will be inserted into the jawbone and given some time to integrate and bond with the surrounding bone. When this happens, it’s a solid part of your smile and can be used to keep crowns, fixed bridges and full overdentures in place.

How Long Will Implants Last?

Most dental implants can last for decades without showing any signs of damage or disrepair. In fact, there are many patients who have dental implants that are four to five decades old that are still going strong. A lot of the reason behind the implant’s longevity has to do with the fact that it bonds with the jawbone itself. Once bonded, the implant becomes a solid part of the bone and can be a wonderful foundation for other types of dental restorations. While there are some factors that can contribute to how long the implant lasts, most patients will have them for many years without needing to get them replaced.

Most Dental Implants Can Last For Decades Without Showing Any
The Best Way For You To Extend The Life Of Your

How to Extend the Life of Implants

The best way for you to extend the life of your implants is with proper oral hygiene. Bone loss can and will eventually affect the underlying implant. For this reason, it’s important to prevent bone loss from happening. Because bone loss can be caused by untreated gum disease, careful brushing and flossing are both important to keeping your smile healthy and strong. If you do have gum disease, you should consider treatment options so that it does not get worse. Regular trips into the office will allow us to check on the implant. We will take x-rays to make sure that the implant has healed properly and that there are no signs of it being damaged or loose. If you experience any problems with your implant months after it’s been placed, it is important to come into the office for a follow up visit. This will give us a chance to make sure that the implant was given enough time to heal and that it is bonding with the surrounding bone with little to no problems.

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