Expose and Bond

What is Expose and Bond?

Exposing and bonding an impacted canine tooth is essential for children to have a full and healthy smile. While most people think of wisdom teeth as being the only ones that can become impacted, the upper canines can be impacted in the palate area as well. By exposing the tooth and using appliances to bring it forward, your child will have a straight and beautiful smile in no time. The procedure is done through oral surgery while orthodontic appliances are needed to further correct the tooth’s alignment.

Why would Expose and Bonding be needed?

There are several issues that can happen if you fail to expose and realign an impacted canine. First, your child might develop a cyst or abscess around the tooth, which can become incredibly painful. Likewise, the tooth might remain impacted or come it at an incredibly harsh and uncomfortable angle. It can even get in the way of their eating, chewing and talking.

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Who is a candidate for the Expose and Bond procedure?

The best way for us to tell if your child has an impacted canine is with x-ray technology. The x-ray allows us to identify the impacted tooth and its location. We are then able to create a treatment plan specific to their needs. If your child has an impacted canine, it is important that they receive care for the problem as soon as possible.

What can be expected during the Expose and Bond process?

The first step is to provide your child with sedation to help put them into a deep sleep-like state. We then expose the canine by creating a small incision into the palate. The tooth is then able to erupt fully into the mouth. The tooth is then attached to braces or brackets on the front teeth, usually with a small metal wire. This will help to bring the canine tooth down and forward so that it can come into alignment with the rest of your child’s smile. We will provide you with all aftercare instructions so that their mouth heals properly after surgery.

If you think your child would benefit from the expose and bond procedure, call our office today to learn more about the process and what to expect.

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