All-on-4 Implants

What are All-on-4 Implants?

All-on-4 implants are ideal for patients who wear full dentures. Four strategically-placed dental implants are inserted into the lower or upper jawbone. Over the course of a few months, the implants bond naturally with any surrounding bone. Once healed, we will make a specially-fitted overdenture that will not fall, slip or shift while it is being worn. The finished result is a more secure-fitting denture that looks natural and is still removable for easy cleaning.

Why might All-on-4 Implants be needed?

It’s not uncommon to have a denture plate slip or fall out while it’s being worn. This can lead to a relatively embarrassing moment no matter where you happen to be. For some patients, their dentures never fit or feel right, no matter how many adjustments and realignments they’ve had done in the past. For these people, we recommend all-on-4 implants so that your denture is kept firmly in place and is smaller in size.

What Are All On 4 Implants
Who Is A Candidate For All On 4 Implants

Who is a candidate for All-on-4 Implants?

In order for the implants to heal correctly, you need to have enough healthy, solid bone in the areas where they are going to be placed. If you’re suffering from bone loss, a grafting is necessary prior to any implants being inserted. Most patients who want a more secure-fitting denture can and should consider all-on-4 implants. The procedure is done easily and quickly in our office, and you’ll have a lasting, natural-looking smile.

What happens during the procedure for All-on-4 Implants?

We begin by administering a sedative to help keep you relaxed during treatment. We then make an incision through the gums and create a tunnel-like hole into the jawbone. The titanium implant post is inserted into this hole and the process is repeated for the other three implants. By strategically placing the implants, there is enough of a foundation to hold a denture firmly in place. Four implants are often all that are needed in order to hold onto a full denture plate. Once the implants have healed after a few months, we will take impressions to make your own customized overdenture. The denture snaps into place over the implants and can be easily removed for cleaning.

If you would like to learn more about all-on-4 implants, call us today to talk with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members.

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